Two Great Websites for Teaching Nouns

clock February 1, 2009 by Sue

If you are introducing or revising nouns in your class here are two great teaching aids worthy of a special mention. They are ideal for use on an interactive whiteboard, in full-screen mode (Press F11), but if you haven't got one then they are fine on individual workstations.

Proper Nouns The first one Proper Nouns, explains different types of Proper Noun and stresses the need for beginning them with capital letters. The facts are delivered through a cartoon character and you can pause the animation to discuss points further if you wish. The site is colourful, has excellent graphics and is clearly presented. It is ideal for introducing a lesson or for a plenary.

What are Nouns? The second called 'What are Nouns?' is more comprehensive as it covers different types of noun such as common, proper, concrete, abstract, count and non-count and collective nouns. Again it works brilliantly in full-screen mode on an interactive whiteboard, and as well as having the explanations of what the different nouns are, this site also has a quiz and a game where children can test their knowledge.


Chinese New Year

clock January 26, 2009 by Sue

If you have been on Topmarks this morning you may have experienced a few issues with download speeds. If this is the case I must apologise, but our server has been creaking under the pressure of massive traffic on account of it being Chinese New Year today.

The good news is that we have been working feverishly to optimise the site to improve the situation. The last thing we want to do is let people down. We know how important it is to you to have the resources on-hand when you need them. Thank you for your patience.

China Video Stories

clock January 15, 2009 by Sue

The BBC have come up with a gem of a site if you are teaching about Chinese New Year. Though it doesn't cover the celebration itself it is great for giving children background information about what life is like in China today.

The site is called China Video Stories and it gives video snapshots of the lives of various Chinese people from different walks of life including a ten year old boy.

The site is appropriate for different age groups and it is useful for children to be able to make comparisions with their own lives. It works well if you want to use an interactive whiteboard and it also gives children the opportunity to hear Chinese music.

Don't forget also to take a look at all our Chinese New Year resources including our Lion and Dragon dance videos if you haven't seen them, as they have been especially designed to support teaching and learning about this celebration.