Great Random Number Generator

clock April 20, 2009 by Sue

SpinnersI've come across a fantastic interactive whiteboard resource which is great for presenting calculation problems in a motivating way. It's ideal for starter or plenary sessions. The site is called Spinners and it is a random number generator with the added facility of being able to select addition, subtraction, multiplication or division operations.

I love the flexibility of this website as you can use it with classes right across the primary age range. You can select the number ranges you want to use from single intergers to decimal numbers. There is also the facility of entering your own numbers and importantly the site works out the answers too!


clock April 2, 2009 by Sue

Wordle I've just come across 'Wordle', a nifty tool for generating 'word clouds' from the text that you provide. Creating your own cloud is easy, quick and you can tweak how it looks by changing the colour scheme, font and layout.

The advantage of using this website is that teachers and students can create a wordbank together and the finished article can either be printed out or displayed on an interactive whiteboard by clicking the 'Open in Window' button. Alternatively it is simple enough for students to be able to create their own 'Wordles' if you want them to use the website on individual workstations.

Ideas that sprang to my mind as being ideal 'Wordles' are wordbanks such as finding alternatives to 'said', 'went', 'good' and 'nice' but the possibilities are endless. Topic related wordbanks make excellent 'Wordles' too.

I think this website has good potential for encouraging children to improve their word choices in written work.

Classroom Interactive Whiteboard Timers

clock March 12, 2009 by Sue

I think sometimes it is useful to have the facility for a countdown timer in the classroom for various activities ranging from tidying up to a fixed time for completing a piece of work. I want to feature a couple of timers which I think work well on an interactive whiteboard.

E.ggtimer.comThe first Supertimer is the free, cut-down version of a timer which you can buy that has more features. On this version there isn't the facility for turning off or changing the music but you can get round that by turning the volume down on your computer.

The other timer program which is called Egg Timer doesn't have sound during the countdown period so you simply set it to your required time limit as explained on the Home page.