One of the ways we can get children to write more interesting sentences is to encourage the use of adjectives in stories and descriptive pieces. I encourage children to write two adjectives before important nouns and find through modelling writing and writing conferencing that most children from the age of six can understand what is required.

Whilst children who are widely read can often have a broad range of vocabulary to draw upon, in the main I think it is a good idea to have some sessions where you focus on adjectives and how to use them.

I am featuring two websites which are great for adjective work and improving vocabulary. They work well on an interactive whiteboard and can be used across different primary age groups.

The first My Monster is a writing frame for a poem about a monster. It promotes the use of adjectives for describing the monster and it has helpful word banks. It also demonstrates the use of similies with both 'like' or 'as'. 

By using the site on an interactive whiteboard you can discuss the need for the sensible pairing of adjectives. For instance, avoiding using something like 'My monster has a body like an enormous, little turnip'. Once demonstrated children can try the activity for themselves at their own workstations. I have used it successfully as a paired activity with children excitedly bouncing ideas off each other. It has always captured their imaginations.

My second recommendation is called The Adjective Detective. This website has been created by The Children's University of Manchester and it has a colourful, cartoon look, guaranteed to interest children and display well on an interactive whiteboard in full screen mode.

Whilst part of the website is appropriate for Key Stage 1, the sections on Comparative and Superlative Adjectives are more appropriate for Key Stage 2.