Well, I have taken the bull by the horns and updated my SmartBoard software to version 10 after all. I must say it was rather tedious because the download form repeatedly rejected my Smartboard's serial number for some time and then there were various questions which required answers before I could access the product activation key. What a shame Smart have made it more difficult to get the latest software! Mind you once you have the activation key you can at least share it with any teaching colleagues to save them the bother of having to go through the rigmarole for themselves.

Mind you having downloaded the updated version I am quite excited about the new features it has to offer, so I think it will have been worth the trouble. I will be talking about some of the features but I need to have a 'play' first.

I want to tell you about a site that I have recently come across called Learning Clip which looks as though it will be a useful resource for maths lessons. It has resources which have been linked to the Maths New Framework in England. At present there's stuff for Years 3, 4 and 5 (Ages 7 - 10) although I believe other age groups are planned.

The site is free for the time being whilst the learning clips are being trialled. The online resources have been designed to be teacher led and for use on interactive whiteboards. Each clip has an introductory video featuring 'Triangle Man' puppet, guidance notes, an interactive activity and an accompanying worksheet. Some of the activities have been designed for use with the Activote system.