If you are introducing or revising nouns in your class here are two great teaching aids worthy of a special mention. They are ideal for use on an interactive whiteboard, in full-screen mode (Press F11), but if you haven't got one then they are fine on individual workstations.

Proper Nouns The first one Proper Nouns, explains different types of Proper Noun and stresses the need for beginning them with capital letters. The facts are delivered through a cartoon character and you can pause the animation to discuss points further if you wish. The site is colourful, has excellent graphics and is clearly presented. It is ideal for introducing a lesson or for a plenary.

What are Nouns? The second called 'What are Nouns?' is more comprehensive as it covers different types of noun such as common, proper, concrete, abstract, count and non-count and collective nouns. Again it works brilliantly in full-screen mode on an interactive whiteboard, and as well as having the explanations of what the different nouns are, this site also has a quiz and a game where children can test their knowledge.